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DWCA "Financial Freedom" Dashboard

Our “secret weapon”, designed by financial experts, will help you achieve financial liberty or obtain your business revenue goals.

DWCA "Financial Freedom" Dashboard +more!

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Increase your business success & efficiencies by integrating the DWCA "Financial Freedom" Dashboard into your strategy.  Now, you can focus on your business goals while DWCA can manage your bookkeeping, consult your team & monitor your revenue growth.

Amazing Benefits


Success Indicators

Displays the health of your business with a "built-in" snapshot with your business financials

Powerful Features

Reduces time wasting activities by organizing your expenses and revenue categories efficiently

Easy Navigation

Provides an easy and stress-free method to enter, track and monitor your expenses and revenues

Simple pricing for you.

    • Limited Time

      DWCA "Financial Freedom" Dashboard

      • Business Analysis Consultation
      • Access to Personalized Business Expense & Revenue Tracking Dashboard System
      • Business Health Snapshot w/ Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)
      • Easy Input of Your Business Expenses 
      • Monthly Performance Trends
    • Custom Pricing

      DWCA Bundle Package

      / Starting at

      Full Service + "Financial Freedom" Dashboard + Bookkeeping & More!

      • Includes "DWCA Financial Freedom" Dashboard
      • Dashboard Enhancements & Updates
      • Assistance with Expense Tracking Backlog
      • Quarterly Review - Business "Financial Freedom" Counseling  - Profit First Model
      • Advising and Processing of Quarterly IRS Payments
        Filling of 1099 NEC or Misc. (Limit of 4)
      • Annual Business Income Tax Filling @ 15% Discounted Rate
      • Initial On-Boarding Fee w/database  ($495) - non-refundable

All purchases are non-refundable. Package ensures all of your personalized business expenses and deductions are properly captured. DWCA will ensure your business remains in compliance with all applicable tax deductions in accordance with your business structure. Additionally, you will save time and money all year, as we ensure your business is properly prepared for the annual tax season. Your business will never worry about this daunting task again. We offer monthly payment plans. 

How Does It Work?

Based on your needs, you can decide which path to take. You can purchase the dashboard as a stand-alone product or DWCA can do it “all” for you!

No problem. We can easily upgrade your purchase to the bundle (for cost). Simply contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

The package offers personalized assistance with expense tracking through out the year. Additionally, you will receive quarterly touch bases to ensure your company remains in compliance with applicable laws.

No this is a one-time purchase and it totally tax deductible.

Yes, of course this is a tool to manage your business more efficiently and is totally tax deductible.

All of your expenses and annual revenue can be easily provided to your Tax Professional without having to spend countless hours tracking them.