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We know the importance of protecting your investment & hard earned money. Along with industry best practices & counsel, we help you make sense of the rules, regulations and complex taxation laws. We empower you with our tax preparation expertise, “every-day” financial planning, small business consultation leading you towards financial freedom or business success. DW Consulting Agency, LLC is registered IRS tax preparation companies.  

Our awesome services for valued clients


Tax Planning & Preparations

We provide individual & small business tax preparations. We help you understand your unique tax requirements for accurate returns. Start the process today.
We empower you with resources and proven strategies driven by your goals to achieve "financial freedom".

Business Bookkeeping Services

Our financial and regulatory experts will maintain & review your bookkeeping records from an audit & risk perspective.

Business Advisory Audits

With our support we identify key opportunities to mitigate potential audits and drive greater revenue with less resources.
We offer notary services which are convenient for your busy lifestyle.
We empower individuals & businesses how to use proven techniques to achieve financial freedom with G.R.A.C.E.

Proven techniques & new ideas for success

Our Mission

We offer a full suite of services including "financial freedom" consulting, tax planning, bookkeeping, notary services. Our values include providing transparent financial support in a professional way and delivering what we promised.

We listen to understand your unique situation and provide you with customized resources & solutions to achieve your financial goals.


We practice what we preach! We empower you with proven techniques and personalized support to reach your maximum financial potential.

You are not alone! Together, we will customize our proven five step G.R.A.C.E. Model program, making your dreams a reality.

We have 25+ years of experience and we are delighted to partner with you.
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Client Satisfaction

Ms. Denine Williams, CRCMP, CEO

Industry Expert & Business Success Leader

Ms. Denine Williams, CRCMP is a “Financial Freedom & Business Advisor”Advisor, Public Speaker, and Principal Owner of DW Consulting Agency.  As a Certified Risk Compliance & Management Professional (CRCMP), her leadership & expertise is highly recognized in supporting individuals and businesses to succeed in personal and business growth.

With over 25 years of combined & proven proficiency in Lending & Financial Services, Regulatory Compliance Oversight, Business Consulting, and Tax Preparation Services, Ms. Williams is a leading financial & business entrepreneur & business industry consultant.

At DW Consulting Agency, her team specializes in individual & small business “financial freedom” planning, tax preparation services, filling, business review & analysis, and expert consultation.

She attends national and local tax training sessions to remain abreast of industry & law changes. Ms. Williams utilizes her extensive financial experience to ensure that each client experience is unique and personalized based on their financial goals, business growth, and tax needs.  She is recognized as a charismatic speaker, leader, visionary, and provocative thought leader in the business & financial industries.

“You have to put in the work to see the benefits. We all have the opportunity to explore financial success”, says Mrs. Williams.

I want to thank you for assisting me with my taxes this year! Your knowledge, expertise, and patience made this process a breeze. As you know, this is the first year I have completed my taxes being self-employed, and I was nervous about finding the right person to assist me. I’m thankful I ran across DW Consulting! I look forward to continuing doing business and gaining financial success with DWCA.  Thank you again.


Professional Virtual Assistant

DWCA is a transparent and trustworthy tax professional service.
I appreciated the complimentary consultation, prompt communication and  thorough closing session.  In reviewing my tax form and supporting documentation,   I received a detailed walk through of each line item explaining tax credits and deductions etc. Thank you for providing  superior service and educating me throughout the entire process.

Owner & CEO
DW Consulting Agency has been extremely beneficial to all of my companies.  Working with Denine personally has been a pleasant experience.  At DW Consulting Agency they are all very professional and knowledgeable of what they are doing.  If they are unsure of something they will do the research on that and or get assistance from someone who specializes in the topic matter.  DW Consulting Agency has not only provided me with quality service, but they take the time to educate.  The top tier service they provide is priceless and I am very thankful for all of their help.  I have already recommended DW Consulting Agency to individuals I know.  Thank you for all of your assistance and dedication.

We deliver on what we promise

DW Consulting Agency, LLC's mission is to become the leader in financial services with customized tools, resources and with proven winning techniques.


DWCA "Financial Freedom" Dashboard

Increase your business success & efficiencies by integrating the DWCA Financial Freedom Dashboard into your strategy.  Now, you can focus on your business goals while DWCA can manage your bookkeeping, consult your team & monitor your revenue growth.

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