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We know the importance of protecting your investment & hard earned money. Along with industry best practices & counsel, we help you make sense of the rules, regulations and complex taxation laws. We empower you with our tax preparation expertise, “every-day” financial planning, small business consultation leading you towards financial freedom or business success. DW Consulting Agency, LLC and DW Complete Tax Services are registered IRS tax preparation companies.  


We provide individual & small business tax preparations and financial tax planning guidance. We help you understand your taxes. Start the process today!


As financial & regulatory experts, we maintain your books helping you achieve profit & revenue.


We teach you how to use the resources and proven tools towards earning your financial liberty.


We offer notary services which are convenient for your busy lifestyle.

Our creative team offers proven techniques & new ideas for your success!

With 15 years of service, DW Consulting Agency, LLC & DW Complete Tax Services is a trusted financial management company helping clients achieve financial freedom. We offer a full suite of services including our notary service, as a appointed public officer. Our mission is to provide support in a professional way, delivering what we promised.

Our team explains the complicated tax codes for your understanding.

We love working with our clients and provide 1-on-1 consultation. 

By practicing what we preach, we teach you how to reach your maximum financial potential. 

Together, we help you make sense of your unique situation and goals. 

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