Gain valuable insight from tax the experts at DWCA!

Workshop Benefits: 

  • Prepare for tax season successfully
  • Learn best practices for bookkeeping
  • Understand your company's financial health
  • Grow your business revenue and reduce expenses

As you prepare for the upcoming tax season, we are excited to share helpful tips, insight and best practices. This two-part workshop will be held on January 21 and January 28 from 9:30am-11am (CST) in person.

Workshop Location: 5555 Rufe Snow Drive, Suite 300, North Texas, 76180

Investment:  $295 with complimentary analysis consultation with DWCA after the workshop to be scheduled at a later date (30 minutes).

Includes Bonus Resources such as: business checklist,  worksheets and more!

Workshop #1- Gearing Up for a Successful Tax Season
You will learn: 
  • Fringe tax benefits of being a solo entrepreneur.
  • How to tools and resources to prepare for taxes all year long.
  • Bookkeeping methods & resources for tracking expenses & revenue.
  • Solos’ Tax forms: Schedule C is your friend. 
  • How the IRS Audits Small business. 
Workshop #2- Financial Success Starts Now!
You will learn:
  • The importance of an Operating Agreement.
  • How to understand your company’s financial health.
  • How to grow your business revenue and reduce expenses. 
  • What tools are resources are available for a successful future.


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